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About us: an introduction to Interseroh

Closing loops, preventing waste and conserving resources. Since 1991, we have been developing tailor-made, integrated environmental services for customers in every industry.

Pioneers in sustainability: when it comes to closing the product, material or logistics loop, Interseroh is one of the leading service providers on the market. We work with our customers throughout Europe to design intelligent, full-service solutions and products that focus on improving company sustainability performance – to benefit the environment, the economy and the society at large. 

Interseroh in a nutshell: facts and figures

Since our formation in 1991, we have provided tailor-made integrated services to over 20,000 customers in all sectors of industry, with annual sales of around EUR 723 million (2019). We employ a workforce of 2,000 people at 35 sites in 9 countries. Interseroh joined the ALBA Group, a global recycling specialist and raw materials supplier, in 2008. Together, we concentrate our recycling know-how for the shared vision of a future without waste



annual sales

Mio. EUR annual sales

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years of experience





satisfied customers

satisfied customers

The Interseroh business model rests on four pillars:

ReDuce – To prevent waste, we deploy sophisticated multi-use systems and pooling solutions that optimise our customers’ logistics processes while simultaneously cutting costs.

ReUse – We extend product lifecycles by setting up highly efficient systems for the take-back, sorting and reuse of recyclable materials.

ReCycle– Once the options for waste prevention and reduction have been exhausted, we then turn our attention to recycling. We develop modern solutions for closed-loop management and produce high-quality recycled materials.

ReThink – Consulting creates trust: we analyse, appraise and optimise our customers’ business processes with sustainability in mind – regardless of whether the job at hand is waste volume, material flows or logistical and infrastructural processes.

What we offer you

  • Customised environmental solutions

  • Innovative approaches to recycling

  • Award-winning secondary raw material

  • Comprehensive service portfolio

  • Over 29 years in the industry

  • Tailor-made sustainability strategy

History – key milestones

1991: Where it all began. Company business initially focused on improving the recycling of packaging waste. Interseroh then started to expand its portfolio as a global provider of integrated environmental services, setting worldwide standards for waste prevention, high-tech sorting and innovative recycling solutions.

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    1997: Interseroh’s service business goes international with the formation of subsidiary EVA Erfassen und Verwerten von Altstoffen GmbH (today: INTERSEROH Austria GmbH) as an integrated service provider in Austria. The following years are marked by continuous expansion into Slovenia, Poland, Croatia and Bosnia.

    2000: With Repasack, Interseroh offers a unique, pan-European take-back and recycling system for kraft paper sacks. The company also gets involved in environmental education with the launch of its award-winning “Eco Dragon” project for collecting empty printer cartridges in schools and nurseries.

    2006: Interseroh becomes the first company on the market to receive a nationwide license for its recycling services under the German “dual system”. The market competition created has been able to significantly increase the recycling rate of packaging waste.

    2007: The year of RTE pooling: Interseroh establishes an innovative pooling solution for transit packaging. 

    2008: Interseroh becomes part of ALBA Group, a recycling specialist and raw material supplier, adding the concentrated know-how of the Group to its portfolio.

    2009: Closed-loop recycling for plastics: Interseroh develops “Recycled-Resource”, the multiple award-winning plastics recycling process.

    2011: The toom Baumarkt-branded paint bucket becomes the first product on the market made from “Procyclen”, the recycled plastic developed by Interseroh. The material used for the bucket is manufactured to almost 100% from plastic waste collected by the various German recycling systems. 

    2016: Interseroh celebrates a 25-year success story. Thanks to the confidence placed in our business by our domestic and international customers, we have now returned over 15 million tonnes of used packaging to the raw material loop, saving precious primary resources.

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