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Do you want to reduce the product fee? Learn how to optimize the costs related to packaging in your company

The product fee is imposed on producers and importers of multi-material packaging (subject to the separation into each element), tyre producers and producers of batteries.

In the case of product fee, we can conduct a packaging audit for your company. During such a local review, we check whether packaging is well classified and whether the packaging records function in a proper and efficient manner.

During the meeting, we will show how important - at the level of finances, marketing and very recycling - is the manner in which the packaging was introduced to the market. We will suggest you new solutions and practical methods for designing ecological, biodegradable packaging which will help you reduce the costs of your company.

The solutions we suggest prove that packaging may be not only nice, but also ecological and inexpensive. The implementation of Interseroh recommendations will not only help you reduce the expenditures of your company, but also positively contribute to your company’s image and, in consequence, increase the sales of the product!

Do you want to optimize waste management in your company?

Use our 25-year-long experience and know-how of Interseroh specialists

In the case of waste management, we undertake to organize systematic collection of your waste. All collected packaging undergo recycling, which enables you to recover important materials. As a result, not only do you gain required raw materials, but also reduce the costs of logistics and earn money on selling your waste. You may earn money by selling waste

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