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Do you remember about the reporting obligation?

Importantly, the reporting obligation covers not only packaging producers and companies that introduce packaging to the market, but also each entity that, within its activity, produces, emits and distributes pollution into the environment. An example of such companies may be dozens of businesses which have a registered company car and buy fuel on account of the company.

Therefore, every - even the smallest business of this kind - releases pollution into the atmosphere. This is the reason why every entrepreneur who fulfils the abovementioned criteria must submit an environmental report to the Marshal Office at the end of each year.

Unfortunately, it is not a simple task - it requires the knowledge about the latest legal regulations and current formal requirements in force in a given Marshal Office. To assure the correctness of the submitted report and avoid unnecessary complications, each company may transfer its reporting obligation onto an external entity specialized in this type of actions.

Thus, if you want to gain:

  • confidence,
  • safety,
  • peace.

Transfer your reporting obligation to Interseroh or use the environmental audit service and get to know our recommendations.

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