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Do you have to organize an educational campaign?

Join EkoPaka and have an actual influence. Through play, we present waste recycling to the youngest based on the example of a selected raw material (wood, metal, paper, glass or plastic). The objective of the campaign is to show children that leftovers of products in everyday life do not have to be useless rubbish. We show them that it is a valuable material which may serve to create something completely new.

How do we work?

We have already invited 50 libraries from around Poland to co-organize the project - with your support, Interseroh finances the production and dispatch of packages to school libraries where classes for the youngest will be conducted with regard to EkoPaka.

How can you participate in organizing EkoPaka?

  • by supporting the production of an EkoPaka regarding a specific raw material
  • by having someone create an EkoPaka regarding a selected topic
  • by ordering finished Ekopaka for your own needs

Why is it worth participating?

  • You fulfil the statutory obligation to organize educational campaigns in a smart and useful manner
  • You support ecological education of the youngest,
  • You gain the image of a responsible and socially engaged company,
  • You receive the certificate confirming your co-organization of the event.

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