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Obtain the Resources Saved Certificate - for special contribution into the protection of the nature. A unique project of Interseroh in cooperation with the German Fraunhofer Institute

The "Resources SAVED by recycling" project shows how efficient recycling helps to protect natural resources. In the scope of the project, Interseroh launched the service dedicated to the consumption of natural resources. We present there infographics, animated movie and a brochure about efficient and implementable methods for environmental protection.

Interseroh also issues resources SAVED (Interfero Europa) certificates for clients in Poland. We hand them over to those entities whose contribution in the protection of natural resources is the greatest.

The certificate takes into account information about your individual savings in each material stream. Data about cost reduction has been calculated using the methodology developed by the German Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute. It enables the calculation of your company's influence on natural resources (using the money it paid) and the amount invested in pro-ecological actions.

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