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The best solution for all eco friendly companies

Garbage in Mindspace? Meet Bin-e, an intelligent, smart-self learning waste bin! Polish startup that automatically segregates the waste and compacts them into 4 fractions: paper, plastic, glass, metal

There are some reasons, why to use BIN-E in eco Mindspace?

  1. Sorting -  increase recycling in your office
  2. Eco friendly activities -  educate your employess in pro-ecological attitueds and create a positive image of your company
  3. Compression -  save space for waste storage in your office space
  4. Monitoring - daily reports will give you info what sort of waste goes to Bin-e and in what quantity
  5. Management -  you can better manage the waste in your  the office

Be Eco friendly with Bin-e

  • Make your office space eco-friendly and clean
  • Increase recycling rate up to 80% and help save the environment
  • Bin-e significanlty reduces CO2 footprint associated with wastes utilisation

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Better segregation with Bin-e means better recycling and better recycling means better and cleaner world

Change the image of your office!

Bin-e is the best solution for all eco friendly companies, smart offices, spaces open to new ideas, intelligent buildings.

 Interseroh - the official representative and distributor of Bin-e's machine in Poland !

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