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Recyclable material trading: Interseroh as a raw material supplier  

Interseroh buys recyclable waste in order to recover and trade recyclable materials, letting us supply manufacturing with high-quality resources for new products and contribute to an efficient closed-loop economy. As a member of the ALBA Group, Interseroh buys and sells all categories of waste with the aim of recycling them and supplying them to manufacturing for re-use. Of course, recycled materials are  recovered from many any resources, such as paper, paperboard and commercial foil packaging. We also remarket any and all recyclable materials our customers produce as waste. 


Buying, selling, recycling: driving the sustainable economy

With the purchase, sale and recovery of recyclable materials, Interseroh does its part to conserve resources and enable the circular economy. We either process the used materials in our own facilities or transfer them for to our partners for recovery. We then remarket the sorted and recycled resources to the manufacturing industry. As a certified waste management company, Interseroh stands for recyclable material trading that meets the very highest standards.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Wiarygodność

    Sprzedajemy zasoby odzyskane z certyfikowanych zakładów recyklingu.

  • Transparentność

    Zapewniamy szczegółowe rejestry objętościowe natężenie przepływu dla wszystkich materiałów nadających się do recyklingu.

  • Kompetentność

    Mamy ponad 20-letnie doświadczenie na rynku surowców wtórnych.

  • Compliant

    We remarket recovered resources from certified recycling facilities.

  • Transparent

    We provide detailed volume flow records for all recyclable materials.

  • Competent

    We have over 20 years’ experience in recyclable material marketing.

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